Suzanne Freinberg, Owner + Designer

My journey into the art of silversmithing began 3 years ago, following a 30 year career in the pharmaceutical industry. Upon moving to New Mexico in 2000, the Land of Enchantment, I instantly fell in love with the beauty of Native American Jewelry! I bought a lot of Native American jewelry over the years. My curiosity for the trade inspired me to begin my own southwest-inspired creations. Following retirement in 2020, I started taking classes at local studios, with some great people (many of them now mentors) and today, I am in full production. Each piece begins with the stone. The stone is the true heartbeat to every piece. From there, I develop the design. What will be the statement, bold or elegant? Does the band need to be wide or thin?  What kind of texture, stamping, etc.? With each piece, I learn a little about myself and become inspired for the next ring, the next bracelet, next earring, necklace or pendant.  I’ve been told many times that “the settings let the stones speak." I love that!